So my very persuasive friend Erica talked me into doing ADSR, the Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race. I mean, who doesn't need one more thing to do, right? Apparently this is the fifth year but the first time I've heard of it. You get a partner and you "race" through different challenges and then get some sweet prizes. Anything that helps me get all my pictures scrapbooked right?

So the first challenge was to scraplift a layout FROM your partner and make it ABOUT your partner to introduce her to everyone in the race. Here is what I came up with for Miss Erica. I was hesitant about using the pic but then ended up LOVING it.

The second challenge was everything about the #5. You had to title it, "5 Things I love about..." and then pick something. You had to use 5 pictures one of which had to actually have the #5 in it (mine is on the bottom middle pic on the plane), you had to use 5 different fonts in your title (which was HARD), and you had to use 5 different versions of the same element (I used stitches).

It's been pretty fun so far!

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