Daisy Crazy!

OK so here is some new beautifulness! Daisy Crazy is a new Collab kit by Trixie Scraps Designs and Madame Wing. Isn't it sweet? It's on sale now at Scrapmatters for $7.00. BUT, you can get 20% off if you buy it by Sunday. Just use the code: Crazy4Daisy

Preview is linked:

Here's my layout:
Trixie Scraps also has some new glitter styles coming out today. Check them out!

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  1. I haven't figured out until recently why I haven't been able to leave comments on your cool scrap blog. I guess I had to be in Explorer and not in Firefox.. Must be some setting that I need to fix. Oh well! I just wanted to say how much I truly love your layouts and how much you inspire me to do better, more creative layouts. Thanks Kris! Keep up the good work and remember I am looking at your blog and now I can leave comments and not be a stalker. :)